Preparing an Outdated Home for Sale in Vancouver

Jan 13, 2020 | Renovations, Selling

Preparing an Outdated Home for Sale

Many home sellers don’t have brand new homes or homes that are freshly renovated. Most people have homes that may be perceived as partially or fully outdated. Further, there may not be the time or money available to complete full renovations on these properties. Or, the return may not be there even if it was possible. Here is where our team can be very valuable (among other ways). We can identify for each specific property what things can be done that will make the biggest visual differences for the lowest possible cost. The goal in these situations is to spend as little as possible to take the property from ‘outdated’ to ’neutral’ or even ‘quite nice’.

Here is an example of a West Haven Group listing where this strategy was executed skillfully and successfully. The property is a downtown Vancouver condo built in 2000. The home is special, boasting amazing and expansive downtown and water views. But, the suite was outdated.

Checklist for Preparing a Home for Sale

Our team did the following for under $10,000 to achieve an excellent outcome:

  1. Full re-paint using a custom colour specifically selected for the suite
  2. Brand new appliance package acquired for approximately 40% less than retail cost
  3. New backsplash – the old one was very dated and the new is both contemporary while also working well with existing finishings
  4. New light fixtures
  5. New outlets, temperature gauges, and smoke detectors in fresh white
  6. Various handiwork to ensure the suite was in perfect working order
  7. A skillful stage of the property that achieved a more contemporary aesthetic, while also ensuring that the contents worked effectively with all existing finishings in the home.

Please see below for a video on renovation tips!

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