We have worked with Shawn twice, first on the buying end and recently on the selling end. In both instances, he navigated the entire real estate process with confidence, competence and a level head. The comfort this provided us cannot be overstated. From initial consultation through final sale, Shawn was prepared, organized, proactive, knowledgeable and professional. He seamlessly coordinated the work of cleaning crew, handyman, photographer and videographer over a two day period, and their work resulted in a beautiful marketing package that likely played no small role in the sale of our condo (48 hours, multiple offers, 14% above list price). We genuinely felt that Shawn was profoundly devoted to us as his clients. He always answered his phone, which when coupled with excellent communication skills, kept us informed of the ins and outs of the selling process and where we were within it at any given time. We will definitely work with Shawn again. In fact, I wish he was also a lawyer, accountant, financial planner and GP.